Committed to paper…

I’ve a reputation for going ‘gung ho’ into decisions and setting targets that I then have to work hard to achieve. Marathons, times, targets, Half Ironman triathlons and god forbid Ironman distance races!

I’m training for a half Ironman, I haven’t done it, I haven’t completed any of the individual distances on their own this year and I’m particularly nervous about how I’m going to do.

This post started out differently, it was initially to be about enjoying the journey not the finish. too many times have I been disappointed after I finished because I hadn’t performed as well as I had hoped. I think now I’ve learned to do things because I want to enjoy the complete package, not just because I want to finish a certain distance or achieve a certain time, but because I made the decision to start, I completed the training to the best of my ability and of course then theres the finish.

But I have to set a target, a goal to work towards because thats how we’re measured, its just a way of life.

So here we go, committed to paper so to speak…

Swim – 1900m (1.3miles) – 45minutes
I did the ‘Swim for a mile’ in about 33minutes. Thats 1600m in a nice calm temperature controlled pool. The Half Ironman (HIM) is 1900m in the sea. I’m particularly concerned about this section, its the weak point and the one I fear the most. Tide, temperature, waves, everything has a bearing on the time.
I missed a lot of swim training when on holidays, but I’m still a strong swimmer. I have no reason to be fearful, I just need to take control. Slow steady strokes, comfortable breathing and I’ll have this. Add 10% for changeable conditions and I’d like to finish in under 45minutes.

Bike – 90k (56miles) – 2hr55min
This is a bit of a guess. Ive not yet cycled the distance in anger yet so I’m going to extrapolate out what I have in the bank. Recent race distances have been 40mins for 20k, 60k in 2hrs training when on holidays and similar times elsewhere. That gives me somewhere around or just under 3hrs for 90k. I’m going to take off some time for gains made in recent training, adrenalin and race day passion. Lets hope there are no strong headwinds!

Run – 21k (13.1miles) – 2hr15mins
I’m being most conservative here. Ive a half marathon PB of 1hr53 set at the beginning of my back injuries. but then that wasn’t run straight after a 1.3mile swim or 56mile bike ride! I’m fitter, I’m stronger and I’m carrying less injuries than Ive ever had going into a goal race. However, mentioning injuries, I’m nursing a weak hamstring. Its not too bad and it should be good by race day, but its niggling at the moment. I could run 2hours, I might see myself finishing in 2:30. But if all the planets and stars align in one go I’ll go for 2hr15mins.

So there we go, add in two 5 minutes comfortable transition times and Im looking to finish in about 6hrs. I’m not going to be disappointed if its 6hrs 30mins and I’ll certainly be happy if its 5hr50. But the ‘A’ target is 6hrs 5minutes

I want to enjoy the event, if I have to slow down to achieve that then I will slow down. If you’re coming to watch me, thanks a million, I really appreciate it, but maybe bring some sandwiches just in case!

About @killianbyrne

I'm a 40 something husband and dad who has lost lots of weight, finished a couple of marathons & triathlons and learned to enjoy life in the last few years.
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1 Response to Committed to paper…

  1. Derek says:

    make sure you get some brick workouts in….impressive.

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