2014 Goals

NOTE: This is a brief ‘synopsis’ of my plans, I wouldn’t share them all with the internet.

Well what can I say here that I didn’t say last year and to be honest didn’t really achieve! My aims this year will be less specific than in 2013, but no less important. I have learned that while measuring myself against times and distances is important, there are far better ways for me to improve myself. I really think now that if I improve my ‘running / fitness’ self as a whole, the times and distances will get better. I got injured and suffered a lot of time out because I wasn’t sensible, that won’t happen in 2014.


  • I will train the best that my ability and time will allow. If I have a plan, I will stick to it and give 100% each time. I want to be able to ‘leave it all on the track’ every time.
  • I will train sensibly, and in line with the advice of those that know more than I do!
  • I will cross train. My time injured has opened my mind to S&C (Strength & Conditioning or ‘weights’), swimming and time on the bike. There can’t be any excuses!
  • Run parkrun. This is a super event and it really is on my doorstep. I have no excuses. I will also commit to volunteer when practical.


  • I will race a lot less than in 2012/2013 where I clocked up nearly 20 events including 2 marathons, 5 half marathons and too many 5k & 10k races to mention. 2014 will see me do 2 Race Series events, TriAthy Olympic, Dublin City Triathlon Olympic and the Dublin City Marathon. I will possibly add another half to that as time passes.

Specific “Measurable’ items

  • This year is all about getting back on the roads again, but I would be kidding myself to say I didn’t want to do better in any races where I have a current PB. My Physio / S&C coach always advised that I use my time off injured to come out the other side stronger than I went in; I really feel I have done this so I should be a better mental and physical competitor.
  • Specifically, I want to be better than average in all my events. This means, in the top half of competitors / top half of age grade or however the event is measured. For my first Olympic Triathlon, I want to finish knowing I couldn’t have performed any better than I did.

Health & Wellbeing

  • Time to stop fecking about. I am lighter than I have ever been since OT but there is no denying that I am a little off my ‘racing weight’! This is not a primary goal for the year but if I work to the best of my ability and apply the rules I know I should, I won’t have any issues. There is no room to cheat, just because I run 6miles, doesn’t mean I can have a slice of cake!

Finally, if it doesn’t challenge me, it won’t change me. Hence the name of the blog… its time to step out of the comfort zone.

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