Goals & Targets

It’s important to set goals, how on earth are we to know if we have ever achieved anything if we don’t know what we wanted in the first place?

I like to set goals, it infuriates my wife and most of my friends probably because invariably I get too competitive, push too hard, talk too much about my achievements (or not achieving my goals) and then I become a bit of a bore.

But I’m probably not going to change much, I’m still going to set myself many many goals and you can read them here (or at least through the sub menu above). Some I’ll achieve, some I won’t, but I’ll certainly try, and that’s what keeps me going.

What I’ve put down to ‘paper’ here is a general synopsis of what I want, some things I haven’t shared because you don’t need to know, but you should keep goals too, sure how would you know if you made it or not!

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