Food & Recipes

Here are some recipes that I’ve found useful over the years. I will generally try to keep things healthy but basically I’m a firm believer in the philosophy that if you cook something from scratch (or as close as possible) it will be infinitely better for you than something store bought. I’m not a health zealot, but my main aims are to feed my family healthy, nutritious and cost effective meals as much as possible. My children (aged 9 & 6) eat all these meals, we make a point of sitting down together and eating the same dinner at the same time. If in the unlikely event they don’t want to eat it, thats fine, but theres nothing else for them.

None of the recipes are mine, I may have adapted them from books and tv shows and then thrown in my own twist. if I show nutritional values here, I have taken them from the original recipe book or leaflet.

We enjoy cooking in our house, I believe it is a basic skill that everyone can learn. I’m no expert but I know what my family like and thats the most important thing, cook what you like, you can learn along the way.

Enjoy and please do get in contact if you have any tips, tricks or recipes of your own that you think I should try!

Thanks, KB

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